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Paul Odian - Massage Therapist

Paul Armen Odian - Bio

Graduated from Inland Massage Institute in 2000

Licensed by the state of Washington in October 2000 with no time lapse since then

Nationally licensed in October 2000

Current license expires October 2016

Is a preferred provider for Premiera, Asuris, state insurance programs and PIP


Paul has a practice in Chewelah and Soap Lake, Washington and provides treatment for uo to 70 clients per month.


In 2013 trained and completed 32 credit hours in Oncology Therapy: Caring for Clients with Cancer. The instructor, Tracy Walton is a leader in oncology massage. Her pressure scale for cancer patients has been adopted as the national standard by the AMA.


In 2011 completed 19 credit course training in Ayurveda's Marma Massage.




Paul Armen Odian Licensed Massage Practitioner

Paul Armen Odian, age 60, has been doing massage since he was a child. He is truly a “Gifted Natural”, clearly following a calling. From age four to nineteen he spent much time with his neighbor, mentor, and friend,
Rose, who was blind. Through this relationship he learned to “see” with his hands. The sensitivity in his hands is extraordinary.

Work and Educational Experience

  • Graduated from the Inland Massage Institute in Spokane Washington in August 2000.

  • Licensed by the State of Washington in October 2000 with no lapse since

  • Nationally Licensed in October 2000

  • Current license, expires in October 2016

  • Is a preferred provider for Premiera, Asuris, State Insurance Programs, and P.I.P


Currently Paul practices in Chewelah and Soap Lake Washington, and provides treatment for up to 70 clients per month. Over the years he has developed his own unique style of treatment. He has been encouraged by
some leaders in his field to develop a system for teaching and conveying his approach to students of massage. A documentary film maker, has been recording Paul while working on client models for the purpose of sharing his unique approach. Paul has provided his services to long term care patients over the years and has produced a DVD expressing specific details of how he worked with a patient in Soap Lake, WA. As part of future filming he intends to create an incentive for other therapists to spend time with long term care patients in their local facilities.

In 2013 trained and completed 32 credit course in Oncology Massage Therapy: Caring for Clients with Cancer. The instructor Tracy Walton is one of the leaders in oncology massage. Her pressure scale for cancer patients has been adopted as the national standard my the A.M.A.

In 2011 trained and completed 19 credit course training in Ayurveda’s Marma massage. Some of these ancient approaches to circulation, and tissue manipulation have been integrated into his unique system of body work.

In 2007 trained and completed 60 credit course training in Cranio/Sacral At The Noetic School of Massage in Spokane Washington. The understanding that cranial bones flexed, extended, and internally and externally rotated drove Paul to develop his own style of cranial massage in which he meticulously manipulates the sutures of the cranial bones, providing relief and cure to those suffering from chronic musculo-skeletal headaches.

From September 2003- through June 2004 .Trained with Taya Countryman and completed a 30-credit course in Positional Release Therapy in Colville Washington. In 2013 Paul made his own discovery and modified one of the techniques from static to kinetic to produce a painless and immediate correction of elevated or depressed ribs.

From September 2001 through March 2002. Trained with Julie Bacon and completed 60-credit course in Structural Assessment and Correction In Seattle Washington. These are osteopathic techniques allowable
within the scope of massage, releasing muscle constraints that cause structural deviation through the use of Muscle Energy Technique (MET). Paul borrowed the technique to create his own approach to the correction
of the appendicular musculo-skeletal system. He discovered that doing the opposite of the principle taught, achieved an equal release.

As an athlete and long time practitioner of the Martial Arts, he has an advanced level of proprioception and a keen sensitivity to soft and hard “end-feels” and pathological motion barriers. He plans to study Thai-
Massage as future continuing education, which he hopes to integrate into his practice.

He has studied Tai Chi with Steve Wong. A master of 40 years experience. Paul has practiced these and other Chinese exercises on a daily basis, from November 2000 to present time. He does not tire from doing up to 6 massage sessions a day. He attributes his graceful and fluid, yet powerful massage techniques to these practices.

Professional and Personal Accomplishments Regarding Massage

Paul’s exceptional ability in massage was appreciated by the Late Robert Calvert, founder, editor, and publisher of the National Massage magazine, and Judy Calvert, the co-publisher who received many therapeutic
massages from Paul. During the 20 years of publishing the magazine, they received massages from prominent massage personalities. It's a credit to Paul’s massage that he was received by them.

In 2008 a woman received a massage from Paul in Soap Lake Washington. After the session she said to him,
“ I want you to know that your massage was very, very good.” She later told the owner of the facility that she was a world traveller for 30 years, receiving massage in every country she visited. She said, “The man in that
room gave me the best massage I have ever had in my lifetime.”


In 2004 , a woman from Spokane Washington received a massage from Paul in Chewelah. After the session she said “I have been massaged by all the instructors at the massage schools in Spokane. I have to tell you that you are better at massage than the people who teach massage!”

A Dr. of Acupuncture, trained in Beijing China, with over 30 years experience, received his first massage from Paul in 2005. Their relationship continues to this day.

Paul started a program of massage for the residents of The Long Term Care facility at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chewelah, Washington. With the exception of some lapses, he provided compassionate care there for several years.

He has an undeniable “heat- energy” that comes through his hands. He integrates the above mentioned osteopathic training, allowable within the scope of massage with his unique style of tissue manipulation to affect
a high level of therapeutic gain.

A car mechanic came to him with intermittent bouts of chronic neck pain from injuring himself by straining his cervical spine. An M.R.I showed that surgery was imminent. He could not work. After 8 massages he went to
the surgeon. Although the M.R.I indicated that surgery was initially considered necessary, the surgeon said that at that point he no longer felt it was. He told the mechanic to continue with massage therapy. In the
beginning of massage therapy, even the slightest lateral bending sent nerve pain shooting down to his foot. He was on pain medication and clearly miserable. By the eighth session he was back at work and still is, five years later.

A woman had a swollen leg for 8-9 months. It had the appearance of “elephantiasis” Since it did not fall into the realm of any pathology, the doctors sent her on her way. The morning after the first massage all the
swelling had gone away. When she came for a follow-up the next week she put her palms on both her thighs and with a smile said “Look Paul! Both my legs are the same!” Paul’s massages reduced the swelling to zero, after 8-9 months of constant swell.

A young woman of 28 years came to Paul for massage. She had given birth to and raised two children over the previous 5 years. She complained of neck and shoulder pain. Aside from massage he also performed
reflexology on her feet, which he has done since the age of 16. The next week the woman told him that although she had weaned both children she had not had a menstrual cycle in over four years. The day after the massage, she had a full flow that lasted 5 days. Three years later Paul saw her and asked if her cycles were still happening. She responded by saying“ Yes! I have been on the moon cycle ever since you touched me.”


Closing statement from Paul:

I don't claim to be a master, however, my clients use this word often to describe what I am. I have a God-Given Gift that continues to evolve. I cannot ignore the fact that what I do is apparently extraordinary.

Everyone I have touched has validated this. My sessions have had impact on chronic conditions. The therapeutic gain is clear and typically long lasting. In some cases, the effects were claimed by the recipients to
be minor miracles. I hope this Bio has given you some sense of what I do, however indirect that sense will be. You can find all the words, and plaques on the wall to describe the taste of an apple, nothing, however, can substitute taking a bite and finding out for yourself.

Sincerely ,
Paul Armen Odian , L.M.P

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