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Paul Odian - Massage Therapist
Divine Energetic Healing  (DEH) is a ray onto itself.


Unlike other rays of energy work, there is no doing, observing, probing, seeing or actively participating in any way. God says, "We make a good team when you're not there.."


DEH works from within the source and center, then moves through every layer and aspect of you to the surface in manifestation of your highest intentions.


Within our bodies, light, sound, and Divine Love are harmonized. Healing is not about fixing body parts, it's about feeling love within oneself. Our bodies were not meant to last forever. The love you experience in this life will last forever.


I could tell you what I feel and experience from this work, though I could not tell you what I do, for I work with the innocense of a child. If you have to learn it, then it is not a gift. To have a gift and develop it is is different. That is what surrender is, surrendering to something greater than ones self. It is the effort of becoming empty, a Vessel.


  Divine Energetic Healing


Divine Energetic Healing Sessions are a different modality than my
therapeutic massage and bodywork sessions. It is something that I do
not control, or do, my massage clients feel and experience undeniable
heat energy in my hands and a feeling of energy flow in their bodies. I
can tell you what I feel and experience from this work, however I could
not tell you what I do, for I work with the innocence of a child. If you
have to learn it, then it is not a gift. To have gift and develop it is
different. That is what surrender is. Surrendering to something greater
than one's self. It is the effort of becoming empty, a vessel.

Within this body, light, sound, and divine love are harmonized. Consider
that healing is not about fixing body parts, it's about feeling love within
one's self. This body was not meant to last forever. The love you
experience in this life will last forever.

Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Imagine
the cells in your body as cups. If these cups are filled with pain, trauma,
and the belief that you are not loved, then there cannot be space for
love to fill. Don't look around yourself and be enamored by others, you
too have a gift. There is no arrival, that is a trick of the mind to keep you
from this moment, to make you think you are not there! Arrival is
accepting the process of life, and embracing love.

How I Came to This Work

I had a near death experience when I was 15. The next day I had an
Angelic Visitat
ion. Several months later I had my first clairvoyant dream.
As I grew older I would meet many healers who helped me see that I
had a gift. Everyone has empathic ability. God placed it so we could
understand each other’s feelings and care for one another. In some
people this Gift is highly developed. I chose to utilize my Gift in the
realm of the body. The mind can stuff or ignore but the body takes it all
on physically and energetically.

We also have come into a human body in full awareness of the
limitations placed upon it so long ago in the form of fear and in belief
systems that are keeping us from ascension. There are tentacles and
restraints, energy blocks from the past, and emotional difficulty the body
cannot shed. In these sessions a door is opened. Whatever you are
ready for will happen. Some things will happen within the realm of your
awareness and some beyond, in the subtle planes.

What Happens

You may come with or without an intention. Some intentions are hidden
from our conscious mind. You will lay clothed on the table, face up. I
begin by placing my palms on the soles of your feet. Typically, my
hands will feel like magnet
s, I cannot move them until I feel allowance to
do so. When there is a strong pulse and flow of energy clearly evident, I
will work from the head down through the body. I do not read the body,
or try to delve into the person. It is not by business, what is happening is
bigger than the two of us. My effort is in getting out of the way. As I lay
my hands on various places on the body, I feel energy flowing through
my own body. Sometimes it is a smooth strong flow of energy;
sometimes I will feel surges of anger, grief, emotional pain, or other
feelings that flow through my body. Sometimes my Angels will tell me
something I need to communicate with you after the session.
Sometimes it is something that simply needs to go and not looked at,
but rather released and thrown away. I will always share the emotions I
experience and the person can verbalize the significance of the emotion
and accept a release of that from their life and energy field. Typically a
person will feel their energy field around them pressing on their body.
Most people fell like they do not want to move. I wait until they are ready
to turn over and then move through the body. When the session is over
I leave the room.

A well known, published energy worker, said that she has seen ten
different energy workers experience different readings from the same
person. She says they are changing all the time, and claims that it is a
deeper understanding of why the center is blocked and that is where the
healing is. It's easy to feel the condition of an energy center, but if you
can't bring the person to a causal healing you are merely reading and
observing that center at that time.

An example that comes to mind is a person who came to me for a
therapeutic massage. She felt the heat in my hands and asked if I did
Reiki. I replied that I did not, but I facilitated something called divine
energetic healing. She participated in a session. The energy was
smooth and strong through her body. As my hands lay on her upper
chest I began to feel as though I couldn't breath. I began to sob. At that
moment my angels indicated that she had experienced a drowning
experience and I needed to tell her that. Everywhere else on her body
the energy smoothly flowed. While in the face down position, with my
hands on the shoulder area behind her lungs, I experienced the same
sensations overwhelm me as they reminded me “Don't forget Paul, tell
her about this."

After the session, I went back into the room. I asked her how she was
doing. She said she felt incredible and described her feelings of
wellbeing. I asked her if she ever had a drowning experience?” She
responded with, “Yes, when I was a year old I fell into a pool.” Here
was something that occurred so long ago and was still in her body and
energy field. I suggested that she speak with her mother about it. She
called me back the next day and said that she spoke with her mother
who told her that so many times she felt guilt over the incident. I was
happy to see some healing and reconciliation happen for someone I may
never meet. No less for the person I worked with who commented,
“You're a Psychic! “ My response, “No, I'm empathic. My body is a
vessel and I feel things and sometimes there are words that come with
them.” This is the best way of describing what I do or should I say, I
don't do! Your experience will be unique to you.

Paul Armen Odian

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