Paul Odian - Massage Therapist
Divine Energetic Healing  (DEH) is a ray onto itself.


Unlike other rays of energy work, there is no doing, observing, probing, seeing or actively participating in any way. God says, "We make a good team when you're not there.."


DEH works from within the source and center, then moves through every layer and aspect of you to the surface in manifestation of your highest intentions.


Within our bodies, light, sound, and Divine Love are harmonized. Healing is not about fixing body parts, it's about feeling love within oneself. Our bodies were not meant to last forever. The love you experience in this life will last forever.


I could tell you what I feel and experience from this work, though I could not tell you what I do, for I work with the innocense of a child. If you have to learn it, then it is not a gift. To have a gift and develop it is is different. That is what surrender is, surrendering to something greater than ones self. It is the effort of becoming empty, a Vessel.


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  Divine Energetic Healing