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Paul Odian - Massage Therapist

Paul Armen Odian

Paul Armen O has been doing massage since he was a child. He is a "gifted natural," clearly following a calling.


From age 4 to 19 he spent time with his neighbor and mentor, Rose, who was blind. Through this relationship,  he learned to 'see' with my hands. The sensitivity in his hands is extraordinary.


His massages are smooth flowing, generous, energetic and highly therapeutic. They will move you and move with you. They will always serve your needs as they will change with you as you progress.


His work draws from many modalities and is continually evolving. He prides himself in the ability to perform deep tissue massage without causing pain or bruising. He has mastered this art. He also utilizes osteopathic techniques, allowable in the scope of massage, to correct structural deviations.


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